• 1.Development of blockchain-related products

    Provides various tools such as G.U. Blockchain Cloud development for Ethereum compatible high-speed blockchain, Lunascape Wallet for ERC20, etc. as OEM.
    Support for blockchain development.

  • 2.Operation of a blockchain consortium

    Operation and development of a blockchain consortium by Enterprise domain.
    Provide a blockchain consortium that combines high security and fault tolerance.
    Form a consortium in the Enterprise domain, which is effective for large-scale operation of a highly reliable blockchain.
    Build a blockchain infrastructure and provide service operations.

  • 3.Blockchain Consulting

    Provide consulting solutions for all aspects of DX, with a focus on blockchain.
    Provide a full range of services, from initial implementation support to actual operation.
    Realize digital transformation (DX) in public and social domains by taking advantage of blockchain's characteristics, such as reliability as a means of vouching and redundancy and high availability as a system.

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